Roseanne Orim

Roseanne Orim is a Dubai based Commercial Food and Lifestyle photographer, Food Stylist and Recipe Developer. Her portfolio includes personal projects for her food blog ( where she develops, styles and photographs recipes as well as her work with many restaurants and food & drink brands in the UAE.

Her educational background is in Business, Economics, Finance and International Development. However, throughout the years she has explored photography by joining several photography clubs, attending workshops and connecting with like minded creatives in the UK, UAE and beyond as she develops her skills in the field.

She hopes to continue working with diverse Food & Drink brands, restaurants, hotels, cookbook authors, magazines for editorial work in the Middle East and beyond as she continues to develop her career in this field.

Her portfolio also features personal projects featuring topics and concepts of interest to her as well as her street and travel photography, genres of the art form that are mainly a hobby.

When she is not shooting from all angles, she enjoys hiking, yoga, regular gym visits, occasional adrenaline junkie activities, live music/concerts, a deep philosophy or psychology discussion, crime/ true crime TV shows and stuffing her face with food while wandering any city she finds herself in.

You can get in touch with her at to discuss rates, scheduling and prospective projects!


2020 - Women in Art 2020 (Group Exhibition), Gallery Arabesque 

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